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Symphony is a quick-to-launch, readily integrated cloud-based application that delivers immediate impact through its patented decision support functionality. It optimizes clinical and financial performance simultaneously by dropping into existing clinical and care coordination workflows. Symphony ensures key quality and performance strategies are addressed and documented directly at the point of care. Once clinicians and coordinators finalize each patient encounter, the data is stored for real-time performance improvement feedback and analysis. Evidence-based medical content from virtually any source is easily managed from within the application, enabling instant updates for all workflows across care settings. Symphony integrates with existing EMR and other HIT systems.
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Content Blending.
Subscription or locally developed content libraries of evidence-based medicine are disected and blended, producing one, concise document for orders and care plans covering multiple conditions.

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Decision Support.
Traffic lights provide Active Guidance Support, ensuring attention to clinical and administrative objectives, contract requirements, and adherence to care plans.

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SmartSolutions allow physicians and other clinicians to tailor their own personal “favorites” and benefit from “workflow-friendly” decision support.

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Big Picture Perspective.
The Analyitics and Reporting portal provides administrators with real-time insight on key compliance, performance, and utilization metrics. Manage improvement across the entire hospital and post-discharge.